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Photos from the seminar

Participants from:
  • Wan-Ki Kim, Director, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Seok-Hyun An, Vice President, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Cha Hyon Kim, Assistant Administrator, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Young-Chang Park, Researcher, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Yong Won Song, Ph. D, Professor, Korea Polytechnic University
  • Hak-Su Park, Senior Researcher, Korea Polytechnic University
  • Monica Hong, President, Russia Search Co., LTD.
  • Alexander Kim, Manager, Overseas Business Department, Russia Search Co., LTD.
  • Chul Koo Kim, Ph. D., Yonsei University
  • and many others
  • Sergei A. Nikitov, Ph. D., DSc, Professor, Corresponding member of RAS, Institute of Radioengineering & Electronics Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Yury V. Pisarevsky, Head of laboratory of acoustooptical and piezoelectrical crystals, Institute of Crystallography, RAS
  • Svyatoslav V. Romanenko, Technology Licensing Associate, Technology Transfer Office, Research-education Center Tomsk State University
  • Vladimir A. Shandakov, Doctor of techn. sciences, Federal Research and Production Center "Altai"
  • Evgeny B. Tsoy, Ph. D. Professor, Novosibirsk State Technical University
  • Igor V. Yaminsky, Doctor of Physics & Mathematics, Professor, Head of Joint SPM Group, Moscow State Univirsity