Nanoscopy News News about nanoscopy and FemtoScan en-us FemtoScan Online New 2.4.5 release of Femtoscan Online software is now available. Download and use it. 2018-08-21 18:02:48 Bionanoscopy Center Bionanoscopy Center is registered in the official list of the infrastructure objects of Russian Science Foundation. Now you can win the RSF grant support and use all facilities of the Bionanoscopy Center, including different types of FemtoScan scaning probe microscopes. 2018-08-02 18:21:29 Atomic-force microscopy and milling centers Advanced Technologies Center has developed a series of milling machines – ATCNano, ATC-400, ATC-3000 and others. 2018-04-09 12:01:25 Biosensor for the detection of bacteria and cells The original type of highly sensitive biosensor for the detection of viruses and bacteria has been developed. For more information please refer to Nanoindustry journal. 2016-12-30 12:58:20 Nanoindustry Journal The Nanoindustry magazine talks about our achievements now also in English. 2015-10-24 22:34:31 MetrolExpo 20-22 May 2014 FemtoScan scanning probe microscope - at the exhibition of the 10th Anniversary International Innovation Forum "Precise measurements - the basis of quality and safety." 2014-05-22 19:58:22 issledovania_2013 /articles/issledovania_2013_en.pdf Advanced Technologies Center on exhibition "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2013". 2013-09-30 18:16:05 Conference 25.09.2013 September 24-25, 2013 will be held a scientific conference dedicated to the discussion of the results of the federal target program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2013". 2013-09-23 14:52:36 Article about scanning probe microscopy in “Kvantik” /articles/kvantik1-en.pdf Scanning probe microscopy gives us visual, understandable and fascinating information about the objects of the nanoworld, so it is widely used in high school education. But even the youngest students are interested in learning how the atoms and molecules of the world work. 2013-09-19 15:41:32 The scanning probe microscope at the "Look - it's NANO" /articles/szm_eto_nano_en.pdf On september 10 at the festival "Day of the Higher School of Economics " was presented the exhibition of "RUSNANO" . One of the exhibits was the scanning probe microscope " FemtoScan ." 2013-09-18 15:48:19 The final meeting of the EU-RU.NET project /en/news/FinalMeetingEU-RU.shtm The final meeting of the EU 7th Framework Programme Coordination and Support Action Project EU-RU.NET was held in Higher School of Economics, Moscow on May 16, 2012 2012-05-16 11:53:33 DuPont Delegation at MSU and ATC. /en/news/DuPont.shtm Top-level delegation of DuPont visited Moscow State University and Advanced Technologies Center on October 31, 2011. Specialists of Advanced Technologies Center made presentations on nanolithography of carbon material and cantilever biosensors. 2011-11-18 15:23:42 Open discussion on nanotechnologies The first lection from the series "Open discussion on nanotechnologies" has been held on March 29, 2011 in Moscow state unversity of applied biotechnologies. 2011-03-30 11:23:51 Round Table "Creating an efficient sales system in project companies" Head of Advanced Technologies Center, Professor Igor Yaminsky participated in informal discussion of problems of innovation in Russia and competitiveness formation in this important industry, along with representatives of RUSNANO (event organizers) and representatives of the investment and scientific community, the regional authorities. The conversation was interesting and productive for all roundtable participants. 2011-03-02 00:46:00 Big leap in micro-science: Web-enabled microscope to fight viruses A new video about our microscopes on Russia Today channel 2011-01-12 16:22:34 TOP10 of RIA News FemtoScan - today we are in the TOP10 of Russian Information Agency News 2010-11-19 10:29:02 FemtoScan video on YouTube FemtoScan video channel is now accesible at YouTube 2010-06-29 18:41:02 FemtoScan world map updated,71.367188&spn=74.584424,158.027344&z=3 3 new points were added to the world map of FemtoScan installations: Perm', Barnaul, Kazan' (all in Russia) 2010-05-28 15:40:42 "Microscope Accessories Guide 2008" Advanced Technologies Center is in the list of "Microscope Accessories Guide 2008" 2008-08-05 04:28:00 I.V. Yaminsky is invited by the nanotechnology community of Muenster I.V. Yaminsky, MSU professor and CEO of Advanced Technologies Center, is invited by the scientific and business nanotechnology community of Muenster, North Rein-Westphalia 2008-03-04 03:07:00 Advanced Technologies Center exhibits at the Nanotech Advanced Technologies Center exhibits at the Nanotech 2008-02-13 01:35:00 Pattern Approval Certificate We have got Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments 2007-04-02 11:44:00 First Scientific Festival in Moscow State University The First Scientific Festival in Moscow State University 2006-10-06 10:33:00 International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology ICNT 2006 Report from International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology ICNT 2006 2006-08-02 09:17:00 Visit of Irina and Geir O. Glomstad Visit of Irina and Geir O. Glomstad (Incubator manager, Gjшvik Science Park) 2006-05-01 07:49:00 Visit of Jae-Hoon Lee Visit of Jae-Hoon Lee, President of PAVONINE, INC 2006-04-03 05:08:00 The new function The new function - the recording of the camera flying over 3-dimensional surface into the .AVI file. An excellent way to demonstrate your results to public. 2006-02-01 01:26:00