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Internet-Laboratory on Nanoscopy

How to perform modern scientific experiment? How to educate students in high technologies? How must be built a new modern scientific apparatus? Trying to find the answers to these questions we have developed a set of new products for the market of high technologies. It is well known that the idea of smart house is becoming now more and more popular. This idea is based on the principle that your own house may be controlled via mobile phone, E-mail or Internet. All these make your house more intellectual, comfortable and secure. Several years ago we have developed FemtoScan device which has become the first scanning probe microscope with full Internet control. This microscope is now used in full time operation by many remote scientists especially in the field of analytical bionanoscopy, when a single experiment may last several days or weeks. It is very important, that the experimental data may be obtained simultaneously in real-time mode by several remote scientific groups for further independent analysis and processing. FemoScan Online microscope is also used for education of students as a key device in the Internet practical studies.

FemtoScan Lab is Internet-Laboratory on nanoscopy, the most advanced complex decision of equipment supply. You receive not simply devices, but the whole laboratory.

FemtoScan Lab comprises:

  • one or several FemtoScan microscopes
  • graphical workstations for data processing
  • architecture electronics (videomonitoring, remote control of illumination, climate and other facilities from smart house technology)
  • security system and staff control system
  • high-speed net with central server
  • integral software for microscope operation, data processing and control of architecture electronics and auxiliary devices