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Internet-Lab. What is it?
We have developed FemtoScan microscope in 1997 and it has become the first scanning probe microscope with full Internet control. Then we have moved even further. We invented the Open Experimental Laboratory in Nanoscopy which is equipped not only with FemtoScan microscopes but also with Internet video monitoring and some features from smart house technology. Internet available extended bibliography and image galleries are also included. Online tutorials on nanoscopy basics may be installed. It is specially developed for the case when many different scientists from different places work together.
How the guarantee service is provided?
We quote two years or even more guarantee period for our products. It is much easier to provide technical support of the Internet-enabled apparatuses like FemtoScan microscopes. Our statistics show that the troubles with our products are extremely seldom, if any at all. But still if it appears we will send new parts or even qualified personnel will come to you directly to repair. No extra price.
Why FemtoScan SPM Is Good for Distant Learning?
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