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5 reasons: why FemtoScan SPM Is Good for Distant Learning?

It's specially designed for working with groups of students. Group members can communicate through the real-time chat.

FemtoScan SPM Is Available From Any Part of the World

No human presence at the lab is required for SPM operation – all operations can be performed remotely. This allows to use laboratory more efficiently.

6 AM – 12 AM GMT Igor, Moscow
12 AM – 6 PM GMT George, London
6 PM – 24 PM GMT Mike, New-York
24 PM – 6 AM GMT May be you?


Try Your Images With FemtoScan Software

Powerful software incorporates all functions needed for SPM data processing and accurate presentation. All processing can be done offline.

Is a Tip Blind?

Blind tip estimation algorithm allows to evaluate tip shape from arbitrary image. After that the image can be refined.


Now It Is Much Easier to Adjust Feedback

Selecting proper PID controller gains is not so difficult with our new “feedback tuning” feature.