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package fmcmnctl

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Common controls for interfacing versatile variables.

Implements interface for displaying, editing and updating fmutl::SPMVar variables. All changes are performed with variables substitution, dependencies checks, and dependent variables updates.



EntityTypeScopeShort Description
CLabelComboclass public Provides responce on Enter, Escape and Tab keys.
CLabelEditclass public Provides responce on Enter, Escape and Tab keys.
CVarListCtrlclass public VarListBox class implementation.
CVarListHeaderCtrlclass public CVarListHeaderCtrl class implementation.
DDX_VarListfunction public MFC-style DDX routine for VarListBox data exchange.
DDX_VarListStatefunction public MFC-style DDX routine for VarListBox state data exchange.
fmcmnctlInitializefunction publicundocumented
fmcmnctlUninitializefunction publicundocumented
LVLN_ENDEDITmacro public Notification message code.
LVL_ENDEDITstruct public List View Label notification data.
VarListCtrl_AttachVarlistmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_ATTACH_VARLIST message.
VarListCtrl_DetachVarlistmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_DETACH_VARLIST message.
VarListCtrl_GetStatemacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_GETSTATE message.
VarListCtrl_GetStylemacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_GETSTYLE message.
VarListCtrl_GetVarmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_GETVAR message.
VarListCtrl_GetVarsmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_GETVARS message.
VarListCtrl_SetExcludedVariablesmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SET_EXCLUDED_VARIABLES message.
VarListCtrl_SetIncludedVariablesmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SET_INCLUDED_VARIABLES message.
VarListCtrl_SetStatemacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SETSTATE message.
VarListCtrl_SetStylemacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SETSTYLE message.
VarListCtrl_SetVarmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SETVAR message.
VarListCtrl_SetVarsmacro public Wrapper for WM_VLB_SETVARS message.
VLBN_ITEMCHANGEDmacro public Notify parent window that variable have been changed.
VLBN_STATECHANGEDmacro public Notify parent window that window state have been changed.
vlbStyleenum public Collection of VarListBox style flags.
VLB_ITEMCHANGEDstruct public Variable change notification data.
VLB_STATECHANGEDstruct public State change notification data.
WM_VLB_ATTACH_VARLISTmacro public Attaches underlying SPMVarList.
WM_VLB_DETACH_VARLISTmacro public Detach SPMVarList object.
WM_VLB_GETSTATEmacro public Get VarListBox state information.
WM_VLB_GETSTYLEmacro public Get VarListBox style.
WM_VLB_GETVARmacro public Get variable.
WM_VLB_GETVARSmacro public Get VarListBox variables.
WM_VLB_SETSTATEmacro public Set VarListBox state information.
WM_VLB_SETSTYLEmacro public Set VarListBox style.
WM_VLB_SETVARmacro public Set variable's value.
WM_VLB_SETVARSmacro public Set VarListBox variables.
WM_VLB_SET_EXCLUDED_VARIABLESmacro public Set excluded variables list.
WM_VLB_SET_INCLUDED_VARIABLESmacro public Set included variables list.

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