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package FsOnlineSDK

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FemtoScan Online SDK.

This is a set of libraries for the remote device control interfaces development. It was inspired by the creation of FemtoScan Online software package, the program for scanning probe microscope FemtoScan 001 control, and image processing. As this package was growing, we in ATC realized that the technologies we use in it's creation may be of use for other similar software development. So most of un-special functions were grouped into separate DLL's, and have formed this set of libraries.



EntityTypeScopeShort Description
fmcmnctlpackage public Common controls for interfacing versatile variables.
fmspmpackage public The client SPM control interface library for FemtoScan Online; performs data aquisition and interpretation, provides interface for SPM control and parameters validation.
fmutlpackage public Device management library.
Device management provided though universal variables, representing current device state.
fsiopackage public The network interface library for FemtoScan Online.

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