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package fmutl

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Device management library.
Device management provided though universal variables, representing current device state.

Also contains utilities for text processing, some mathematical functions, calculator, hash functions.



EntityTypeScopeShort Description
base64decfunction public Decode binary data.
base64encfunction public Encode binary data.
bin2hexstrfunction public Convert binary data to ASCII hexadecimal string.
build_splinefunction public Evaluate spline points.
b_spline_1dfunction public Evaluate 1-dimensional bilinear spline.
b_spline_2dfunction public Evaluate 2-dimensional bilinear spline.
char2charfunction public Duplicates character string.
char2tcharmacro public Converts char string to TCHAR string.
char2utf8function public Encode data to UTF-8 from local char encoding.
char2wcharfunction public Converts character string to wide-character string.
chompfunction public Removes trailing '\n' and '\r' characters by replacing them to 0.
compute_polizfunction public Evaluates expression, presented in polish postfix notation.
contains_wordfunction public Check the string for inclusion of the word.
convert_sizefunction publicundocumented
dblpaircompfunction publicundocumented
DecImageTypeenum publicundocumented
default_unitsfunction publicundocumented
default_units_zfunction publicundocumented
dib2jpegfunction publicundocumented
DIB_BITSmacro public DIB bits.
DIB_HEIGHTmacro public DIB height.
DIB_SIZEmacro public DIB size.
DIB_WIDTHmacro public DIB width.
encode_imagefunction public Convert intensity data to JPEG format.
eval_expressionfunction public Evaluates expression.
eval_spline_factorsfunction public Evaluate cubic spline coefficients.
eval_spline_pointfunction public Evaluate single spline point.
extract_sectionfunction public Get section points from 2-dimensional array.
findSkeletonByThinningfunction public Find image skeleton.
findZeroLevel_16s_C1MRfunction public Find zero level in the image.
find_spline_pointfunction public Solve equation, specified by cubic spline.
find_zero_levelfunction public Find zero level in the image.
fmutlCRC32function public Calculates CRC32 signature of given string
FMUTL_APImacro public Macro for functions export.
fmutl_freefunction public Function for freeing memory, allocated by library routines.
fmutl_mallocfunction public Function for memory allocation in fmutl library.
FSAllocatorclass publicundocumented
FSAutoLockclass publicundocumented
FSAxesContainerclass publicundocumented
FSAxisclass public Axis implementation.
FSCritSecclass publicundocumented
FSGlobalVarListclass public Extension to the SPMVarList that maintains global namespaces.
FSHysteresisclass publicundocumented
FSModuleInfostruct publicundocumented
FSPluginDataSelectionstruct publicundocumented
FSPluginDataSelectionTypeenum publicundocumented
FSPluginDecorationstruct publicundocumented
FSPluginDecorationElementenum publicundocumented
FSPluginDecorationTargetenum publicundocumented
FSPluginFunctiontypedef publicundocumented
FSPluginOperationenum publicundocumented
FSPluginOptionsstruct publicundocumented
FSPluginStatusenum publicundocumented
FS_PLUGIN_DATA_SELECTION_VERSIONmacro publicundocumented
FS_PLUGIN_OPTIONS_VERSIONmacro publicundocumented
functionaltypedef publicundocumented
get_section_coordinatesfunction public Find boundary points of the section line.
hexstr2binfunction public Convert ASCII hexadecimal string tp binary data.
histogram_statsstruct public Structure for statistical information about image height distribution histogram.
IPluginDecorationsCallbackclass publicundocumented
IPluginReportCallbackclass publicundocumented
IPluginTableclass publicundocumented
IPluginTableCallbackclass publicundocumented
jpeg2dibfunction publicundocumented
key_listtemplate class public Provides STL-based list with search capabilities.
md5hashmacro public Calculate md5 hash of given string.
md5hashafunction public Calculate md5 hash of given character string.
md5hashstrmacro public Calculate md5 hash of given string and return it's readable representation.
md5hashstrafunction public Calculate md5 hash of given character string and return it's readable representation.
md5hashstrwfunction public Calculate md5 hash of given wide-character string and return it's readable representation.
md5hashwfunction public Calculate md5 hash of given wide-character string.
minimum_search_gradientfunction public Search for the minimum of the function by gradient method
next_tokenfunction public Find token in the string.
operator <<operator public Write multiple sections data to stream.
operator >>operator public Read multiple sections data from stream.
parse_axesfunction public Get axes list from string.
parse_polizfunction public Evaluates expression, presented in polish postfix notation.
planefit_linefunction public Remove slope from dataset.
planefit_line_32ffunction public Remove slope from dataset.
polizfunction public Evaluates polish postfix notation representation of given expression.
read_sectiontemplate function public Read section data from stream.
replace_sectiontemplate function public Substitute section in file.
resamplefunction public Resample image.
roundfunction public Rounds real value to the nearest integer.
safe_stringtemplate function public Create string that can be safely stored to the text stream.
setOuterFramefunction public Set surrounding frame to the specified value.
skip_wsfunction public Skips whitespace characters.
skip_ws_backfunction public Skips whitespace characters backwards.
smart_stringclass public Self-managed string pointers.
SPMDataStreamclass public Data stream implementation.
SPMProcessclass public Process implementation.
SPMVarclass public Versatile variable implementation.
SPMVarArrayTypeenum public Possible versatile valiable array types.
SPMVarListclass public Performs variables approximation, evaluation, validation, dependencies validation.
SPMVarListHandlerclass public Abstract handler for SPMVarList.
SPMVarListInterfaceclass public Abstract interface for SPMVarList.
SPMVarTypeenum public Possible versatile valiable's types.
strdup_lwrfunction public Make a lower-case copy of the string.
subst_varstemplate function public Substitute variables with their values.
tchar2charmacro public Converts TCHAR string to char string.
tchar2utf8macro public Converts TCHAR string to utf8 string.
tchar2wcharmacro public Converts TCHAR string to wchar string.
trimtemplate function public Removes starting and trailing white-space cheracters.
units_convertablefunction publicundocumented
unsafe_stringtemplate function public Restore safe string to its original state.
untokenized_findfunction public Find untokenized character.
utf82charfunction public Decode UTF-8 data to char.
utf82tcharmacro public Converts utf8 string to TCHAR string.
utf82wcharfunction public Decode UTF-8 data to wide char.
wchar2charfunction public Converts wide-character string to character string.
wchar2utf8function public Encode data to UTF-8.
wchar2wcharfunction public Duplicates wide character string.
write_sectiontemplate function public Write section data to stream.

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