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function build_spline

Evaluate spline points.

Evaluates <out_sz> spline points on segment [x0,x1]. based on <in_sz> input points (which where used as reference for abcd coefficients evaluation in eval_spline_factors function) and <in_sz> abcd coefficients.

in reference points.
abcd spline coefficients.
in_sz number of reference points and coefficients groups.
in_stride distance in sizeof(double) between x<i> and x<i+1> reference points.
abcd_stride distance in sizeof(double) between a<i> and a<i+1> coefficients points.
abcd_step distance in sizeof(double) between a<i> and b<i> coefficients points.
out result will be stored here.
out_sz number of points in result.
x0 starting point.
x1 end point.
public extern "C" FMUTL_API void build_spline ( const double * in ,
const double * abcd ,
int in_sz ,
int in_stride ,
int abcd_stride ,
int abcd_step ,
double * out ,
int out_sz ,
double x0 ,
double x1 )

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