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package fmspm

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The client SPM control interface library for FemtoScan Online; performs data aquisition and interpretation, provides interface for SPM control and parameters validation.

Messages sent over network in the following form:

 SPM 0x<msg>,<size>[[;<lparam#>] ...]\n<data>
where SPM is the message signature, 0x<msg> is message code in hexadecimal form, <size> is additional data size, following after newline character (\n) in raw binary format, <lparam#> are optional 32-bit integer values in signed decimal form, delimited with ";". For example, SPM_CLNT_CLIENT_CONNECT message for protocol version 0x407 with User Name set to "Filonov" will look as follows:
 SPM 0x101, 7; 1031


EntityTypeScopeShort Description
SPM_AUTH_STATUS_FAILEDmacro public Authentification status.
SPM_AUTH_STATUS_GUESTmacro public Authentification status.
SPM_AUTH_STATUS_SUCCEEDEDmacro public Authentification status.
SPM_CALIBR_MAX_ADC_NMmacro public AFM force calibration value selector.
SPM_CLNT_ADJUST_CALIBRATIONmacro public Client to server, adjust calibration values.
SPM_CLNT_CLIENT_CONNECTmacro public Client to server, connect and check protocol version.
SPM_CLNT_GET_TIME_PARAMETERSmacro public Client to server, request server to send time parameters.
SPM_CLNT_MASTER_CONNECTmacro public Client to server, try to set master flag.
SPM_CLNT_MASTER_DISCONNECTmacro public Client to server, reset master flag.
SPM_CLNT_PASSWORD_AUTHENTICATEmacro public Client to server, password check responce.
SPM_CLNT_SET_USER_NAMEmacro public Client to server, change client's name.
SPM_CLNT_SYNCHRONIZEmacro public Client to server, request server to synchronize client data about current device state.
SPM_PROTOCOL_VERSIONmacro public Current protocol version.
SPM_RECEIVE_STRINGmacro public Bidirectional, receive string message.
SPM_SET_PROCESS_STATEmacro public Bidirectional, set process state.
SPM_SET_SECURITYmacro public Bidirectional, set security options.
SPM_SET_VARIABLEmacro public Bidirectional, set variable value.
SPM_SIGNAL_EVENTmacro public Bidirectional, signal an event.
SPM_SRV_AUTH_SEEDmacro public Server to client, set password ahentification seed.
SPM_SRV_AUTH_STATUSmacro public Server to client, reports authentification status.
SPM_SRV_DISCONNECT_CLIENTmacro public Server to client, asks to disconnect client from server.
SPM_SRV_END_UPDATEmacro public Server to client, finish update operation.
SPM_SRV_SERVER_VERSIONmacro public Server to client, check server version.
SPM_SRV_SET_CLIENTS_LISTmacro public Server to client, set clients list.
SPM_SRV_SET_INTERFACEmacro public Server to client, set interface name.
SPM_SRV_SET_MASTER_STATEmacro public Server to client, change master flag.
SPM_SRV_SET_PROCESSmacro public Server to client, set process parameters.
SPM_SRV_SET_PROCESS_LISTmacro public Server to client, set available processes list.
SPM_SRV_SET_STREAMmacro public Server to client, set stream parameters.
SPM_SRV_SET_STREAM_DATAmacro public Server to client, set stream data.
SPM_SRV_SET_STREAM_LISTmacro public Server to client, set available streams list.
SPM_SRV_SET_TIME_PARAMETERSmacro public Server to client, set time parameters.
SPM_SRV_SET_VAR_LISTmacro public Server to client, set available variables list.
SPM_SRV_SET_VIDEO_DATAmacro public Server to client, set video data.
SPM_SRV_START_UPDATEmacro public Server to client, marks streams or variables for update.
SPM_UPDATE_STREAMmacro publicundocumented

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